• Want a Postcard?

    I want to send you a postcard.

    The postcard will have a photo that I took on the front and the back is going have a little note from me to you on it. Free of charge, just for fun. Yes, I will send anyone a postcard. Yes, you can send me one back if you want.

    The first twenty twenty-five are going to be photos that I’ve taken of the Oregon Coast. I ordered them today and I should be sending them out by the first week of November. 

    Once the first batch is gone, I’ll print up another group of photos in a few months - like from the forest, or Portland, or classic cars - and do it all over again.

    If you’d like one, all I need is your name and address. Email me?

    Update: First batch is gone. If you want to be in on the second batch, shoot me the email anyway and I'll add you to the list.